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Sea food
Sea food

The Annual Seafood Festival is a tasty and entertaining tradition, with music, great food, arts and crafts.

This is an initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing & the Environment geared towards the promotion of sustainable livelihood for fisher-folks, vendors and residents.

The Annual Seafood Festival is a new rich tradition in the Antigua started in 2009, as a post Independence event.

It’s held at the Urlings Wharf showcasing abundance of seafood dishes such as crabs, conchs, fish and lobsters, there is a dish to suit every seafood taste –lovers from all walks of life, patronize the vendors displaying dishes.

In 2009 the organizers upped their game with the improved facilities coupled with additional activities for the entire family to include, the Mango eating competition, fishing competition for children, bounce castle, and boat ride around Carlisle Bay, and restaurant-like seating arrangements.

The tradition has built around it a safe, family friendly environment showcasing the great seafood that Antigua has to offer while bringing people from all over in the season.

Live music performances, local vendors selling delicious treats, creative craft booths, not to mention everyone’s seafood favourites, guaranteed fun by all!

The Festival brings back happy memories with the traditionally held events and new soon-to-be favourites for everyone!

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